“category” of the email

  • 26 June 2023
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How to store the “category” of the email like “email Subject, Received Time” using Automation Anywhere A360?

Can anyone please help me with the solution.

3 replies

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Hi @Mamatha 1214 ,

Please check the below link,


You must use certain Email actions within a Loop action. Use the For each mail in mail box iterator to repeat a set of actions on all the emails within the specific parameters.

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Hi @Mamatha 1214,

Step:1 Using Email: Connect 

Step:2 Use Loop: For Each Mail in mailbox: Create Dictionary Variable with suitable name as Output.

 i.e. ($dictEmailDetails$)

Step:3 Add a Message Box displaying Dictionary{Key1},Dictionary{Key2}….

eg:Email Subject - $dictEmailDetails{emailSubject}$ (Leads to Email Subject of a Particular Email) Email From - $dictEmailDetails{emailFrom}$ (Leads to Sender Email of a Particular Email)

You will get the Keys in the below Link:

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Thanks for the response. Do we have any key that returns “Category of an Email”.