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  • 6 April 2023
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Would just like to ask for help. My bot is stucked in queued in community edition. Is there a way to remove it? I already tried resetting the device through API and deleting the code, it is still stucked as queued.




Best answer by Shoeb Shk 6 April 2023, 08:27

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6 replies

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Hi @Justin 8206 ,


Step1 : Delete the registered device. Manage → Devices → Check box and delete

step 2: Logout from the CR

Step 3: Close the browser and restart your machine.

Step 4: Connect to local device & reinstall the bot agent.


This should fix the issue!


Happy Automation :)


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Hello @Shoeb Shk ,


Thank you for the response! I did the steps. Unfortunately, the activity is still there

When i click on it I get this error:


Although I am able to run other bots, this specific one just doesn’t go away.

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Hello @Justin 8206 ,

The above error is because you have deleted the Task bot!

No need to worry on this you can continue with your Bot development and testing, This will not create a blocker. After multiple restart session this bot will be automatically removed from the queue.

  • End all task related to AA using task manager & re login to CR
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Thank you for the explanation!

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No problem 😊


Happy Automation😎


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i still in queue, how to end all task?