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  • 7 February 2024
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Hi everyone, 

I saw in last release that AA 360 will have templates; But we haven’t yet it. Can you share with me please if you have templates . 

3 replies

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Templates are available in the .31 product. Check your Control Room for “Automation 360 build 21023” or later. Another place where you can see the template functionality is to open an automation and click the down arrow next to the Save button (if present). If you see “Save as Template”, you’re good to go!

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Hello @Aaron.Gleason 

I  have .31 product but there is any template . When I click on Task from template , there is nothing to select. 


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You must create a template before you can create a new Task Bot from the template.

Find an automation you want to use as a template and open it. Then, go to Save > Save as Template.