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  • 5 December 2023
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Did you know that by completing Bot Camp you can get a certificate to share on social media and add to your LinkedIn profile? What better way to demonstrate your accomplishment?!?! Follow the instructions below to claim your certificate and share it on social media. Be sure to use the hashtags #BotCamp and #BotGames so we can celebrate your success!

Generating the Completion Certificate

  1. Login to Automation Anywhere University by clicking the user icon in the top menu.
  2. Once logged in, head to the Browse section, click the Filter by drop-down list.
    1. Select Pathfinder Academy Learning Path from the list.


  1. From the list of the learning paths, select Citizen Developer Career Quest – Strat Phase (Beta)


The learning path page with the list of courses will appear.

  1. Click the Start Learning Path button.
    1. This button will only appear if you have not yet started this learning path.
    2. If you have completed all the courses in the learning path (and you have if you stuck with us through Bot Camp), you should receive an email with you completion certificate.


  1. Once you get your certificate…SHARE IT! Let us celebrate your accomplishment.
    1. You can share it to your LinkedIn feed as well as having it added to your LinkedIn profile as an accomplishment



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