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  • 16 November 2023
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When I click run bot - pop-up deploying to your computer - user not logged into machine (see screenshot attached) 


I have tried troubleshooting 1, 2 and 3 and the problem is ongoing. I’ve double checked the login credentials and they are correct. I’ve tried uninstalling the bot agent and re-installing and it also didn’t work.


Best answer by Abhay Naik 16 November 2023, 10:05

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4 replies

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Hi @caleb_sull ,

Could you check the device name where you are trying to deploy the bot. Go to the Command Prompt and type “Whoami” And value that you get will be your Device username and enter your device password. Then click on “Save and Retry”


Hope this help!

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Hi Abhay Naik, 


Thank you for your suggestion, unfortunately it didn’t work. I double checked my credentials were correct but still no luck


Kind regards, 


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Abhay is correct, but try leaving the password field blank. Note that the device username is in this format:


Be certain to use a backslash between the computer name and the local user name. 

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Hi @caleb_sull 

If none of the previous worked, delete the registration for the device doing the following:

  1. Stop the Automation Anywhere Bot service. You can search “services” in your windows » search for “ Automation Anywhere Bot service” » right click to stop
  2. Delete the file found in 
  3. Start the Automation Anywhere Bot service.