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The Pathfinder’s Guide to the Automation + AI Frontier

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The Pathfinder’s Guide to the Automation + AI Frontier

Leading the way in the new AI + Automation Frontier

Generative AI has taken the world by storm, and when powered by automation, it’s poised to revolutionize the way we work so teams like yours can make greater impact to your business. As you look to the power of generative AI in combination with the work you automate, you now have the power to unlock productivity in a way your business has never experienced. Since you’re part of the Pathfinder Community, we want to help you lead your organization into this new frontier. 

This guide is intended to be your resource for finding and using information, insights and applications of generative AI with intelligent automation. As we gather new resources from the team here at Automation Anywhere, our MVPs and you, our community members, we’ll update this guide.

Generative AI + the Automation Success Platform


📣Harnessing the power of generative AI across the Automation Success Platform

On June 1, Automation Anywhere announced how it will put generative AI into action. Get a recap of the event, and details on how and when you’ll be able to use AI in your automations. 

🔌 OpenAI Generative AI Package

The latest release of OpenAI Generative AI package is now available for free. Learn more about it in this blog post and then head to Bot Store to get started! 

🔌 Google Vertex AI Package

New! The Google Vertex AI Package is now available. Head to Bot Store to get started for free!

Stay tuned for more updates on additional generative AI packages coming soon!


Information, Insights and Applications


🔈Your AI + Automation Playlist 

Save this playlist to get notifications about new videos on AI and automation. The playlist is already stocked with excellent interviews, product demos and bot builds... and there’s a ton yet to come. Be the first to watch and learn about the power of generative AI and intelligent automation as you take flight with our generative AI packages.

💡Understanding generative AI and its power with automation

  • How generative AI and automation are poised to change every company

    The range of new use cases and accessibility that generative AI enables will drastically increase automation and hence worker productivity across enterprises. This blog examines the three categories of use cases where generative AI and automation combine to transform work.

  • Generative #AI: Changing How We Think About Work
    Where are companies leveraging Generative AI solutions like ChatGPT right now, and how are they planning to use it in the near and long term? Listen to this on-demand session with Ted Shelton, Expert Partner at Bain & Company as he discusses how companies are redesigning business processes and workflows with the power of AI and intelligent automation. Ted provides tremendous insights on the automation-first mindset and what the future of work looks like with an "augmented workforce."
  • Generative AI & automation: what will you automate?
    With Generative AI tools making headlines around the globe, the question is how should we utilize them? We believe the combination of automation and generative AI is the answer to unlocking its full potential. 
  • Putting Google Vertex AI to work
    Tom Garland, senior vice president of Corporate Development at Automation Anywhere, shares his perspective and excitement about Automation Anywhere’s partnership with Google, and what it means for the democratization of access to AI.
  • When it Comes to AI, Platforms Matter
    AI’s value continues to be unlocked in newer and yet more unexpected ways, which is another reason for enterprises to start integrating it with their processes and workflows and begin to learn. Automation Anywhere offers an automation platform that gives you the flexibility of choice, so you’re always prepared for the next wave of innovation in AI.
  • Creating a culture of innovation around Automation & AI
    The widespread adoption of generative AI is set to provide significant productivity benefits and change the way we work forever, but not without disruption. It is more important than ever for organizations to adapt and create a culture of innovation to succeed & thrive. Listen in to this conversation on creating an innovation culture around automation and AI with Sunil S. Ranka, Founder of Predikly.
  • Major predictions for automation and AI
    Tomorrow is right around the corner. Even though automation is already powering enterprises ahead of competitors, it’s poised to dramatically increase the efficiency of those that take advantage of its capabilities. Get five predictions for what enterprises can expect from automation over the coming months and years in this infographic.
  • ChatGPT: A double-edged sword in reducing healthcare disparity
    In healthcare, ChatGPT can work hand in hand with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to streamline processes, reduce errors, and improve patient outcomes. How do they synergize? ChatGPT is the brain, and RPA is the arms and legs. In this article, we will explore how ChatGPT can work with software automation to create a more efficient, effective, and sustainable healthcare system.

💫Use Case Inspiration

🚀Insights from the Pathfinder Community

  • Join the Generative AI Group to get industry insights, tips and tricks, and to be part of the community leading the way forward with generative AI and automation.
  • Transforming Unstructured Data into Structured Data with Automation Anywhere's ChatGPT Package by MVP Azhar Hossain explains how using the ChatGPT model with Automation Anywhere's ChatGPT package can help organizations convert unstructured data into structured data using ticket descriptions as an example.
  • Generative AI Ask Me Anything: As part of the 1st Annual Pathfinder Community Space Camp & Generative AI Showcase, Peter White and Pratyush Garikapati, Automation Anywhere’s own experts on emerging technology shared valuable knowledge on generative AI as they addressed questions live from our Pathfinder community. Here’s a full recap of the Generative AI Ask Me Anything.
  • Bot Games Season 4: AI Edition: Ready to get hands on with automation and generative AI? We’ve got three new challenges for you to showcase not only your Automation building abilities but also your proficiency in crafting well-designed prompts of generative AI models that elicit the desired responses in the appropriate format.
    • Challenge #1: This healthcare-themed challenge will get you thinking creatively about how to standardize a report-generation process.
    • Challenge #2: Shift your mind to manufacturing and take on a new challenge using generative AI to enhance and improve existing data.
    • Challenge #3: In this final challenge, you’re using generative AI to enhance automation resilience for a financial services company.
  • Optimizing Your Generative AI Prompts
    Writing prompts that deliver the results you want is a skill in itself, and we’ve got tips to help you improve how you prompt generative AI tools. Plus, join in the conversation with your own tips or questions.

➡️Future Resources

Generative AI is a colossal shift for everyone and every company, and we’re committed to helping you find success in this new frontier. As we roll out new generative AI innovation with the Automation Success Platform, we’ll also produce resources to help you harness the power of AI with intelligent automation.

Hey Pathfinder Community! This blog post was updated today (June 2) with updates from our Automation + AI Live event on June 1 and links to the Google Vertex AI Package in Bot Store. 

We’ll keep updating as we have more to share!