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5 Takeaways from Automation + AI: Live

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5 Takeaways from Automation + AI: Live

If your organization is laser-focused on improving productivity, it’s not alone. “Do more with less” is the new imperative of 2023 and beyond as organizations across the globe are working to address lagging productivity. During our June 1 event, Automation + AI: Live, our team dug into the massive impact that generative AI and automation can have on productivity across industries through the Automation Success Platform that’s now available at your fingertips. With generative AI and automation technologies, companies can streamline processes, optimize resources, and achieve more with less. 

This event was packed full of information and inspiration about how companies across the globe are planning to put AI to work safely and responsibly with automation. If you missed the live event, you can watch the recording now

5 event highlights you’ll want to know

We’ve infused AI across the entire Automation Success Platform
As an automation professional, you can imagine the impact of powering your automations with AI. The synergy between generative AI and automation technology enables organizations to unlock new levels of creativity and productivity through every part of the business. 

With the Automation Success Platform, you can get started fast with out-of-the-box models tailored to your business. Automation Anywhere has partnered with leading technology vendors like Google with Vertex AI, Amazon with Bedrock, and partners like Anthropic and Nvidia, giving you choice and flexibility. 

Automation Co-Pilot + Generative AI for Business Users is now available
Turbo charge team productivity with Automation Co-Pilot, now powered by generative AI. Embedded in any web application, Automation Co-Pilot enables business users to access gen AI and automation across functions with unparalleled speed and efficiency. From creating and summarizing content to sending emails and providing recommendations, the possibilities are endless! You can get to know the Automation Co-Pilot by requesting a custom demo

Get a preview of Automation Co-Pilot for Automators in July
Whether you’re a professional developer or a business user, if you’re building automations, you will soon be able to use generative AI to build automations 55% faster using natural language conversations with Automation Co-Pilot. Whether you’re tackling a very simple task or the most complex end-to-end workflow, you’ll have your own generative AI-powered assistant to help you. With flexibility to choose and change your large language model (LLM) as needed, you can fine-tune your automations to meet evolving demands from your organization. That backlog of automation requests you’ve got? Considered it handled. Join the waitlist for Automation Co-Pilot for Automators. 

Generative AI powered Document Automation Coming in Q3
If you’re using Document Automation in your organization now, imagine how many more types of documents you’ll be able to automate in the near future. With generative AI, you can soon quickly understand, extract and summarize a new universe of documents, from contracts, waybills, to lab reports and insurance forms. Available in Q3 of this year, you’ll soon be able to automate more unstructured, semi-structured and structured documents. That means you’ll be able to unlock more data than ever before. 

Ensuring safety and security
Whether sanctioned by your organization or not, it's likely many of your team members are exploring generative AI to help them do their work. It’s a tricky time for organizations as they navigate how to create proper guardrails to ensure security, protect data, and maintain compliance. We take this incredibly seriously, and that’s why we’re only integrating with the enterprise versions of the foundational LLMs from Google, Amazon AWS, and Azure OpenAI, which do not use your business data for training, so you maintain full control over your data. 

We hope you were able to make the live event, but if not, now’s your chance to tune in to the recording to catch all the details on how we’re helping you lead the way in the automation + generative AI frontier. 

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