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Pushing the Boundaries of Automation: Share Your Innovative OpenAI ChatGPT Package Use Cases in the March Badge Challenge!

  • 7 March 2023
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Join the March Galaxy Series Badge Challenge and showcase your innovative use case of Automation Anywhere’s OpenAI ChatGPT package! Let's collaborate and push the boundaries of automation together.

Intelligent Automation and Artificial Intelligence are revolutionizing industries and enabling companies to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer experiences (to name a few). Automation Anywhere has been at the forefront of this transformation, and our new OpenAI ChatGPT package is a powerful tool that leverages AI to optimize automation success.

The OpenAI ChatGPT package provides an easy-to-start, smart, conversational AI system. Watch this short demo (using a real world example) to learn more:


Join us in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible!


To earn your limited edition March Galaxy Series badge, complete these three steps:

  1. Configure the OpenAI ChatGPT Package - it’s quick!

  2. Share your package use case on LinkedIn or Twitter - use the hashtag “#AIPathfinder” and @ mention Automation Anywhere

  3. Reply to this article with a link to your post

All feedback and package-related collaboration welcome & highly encouraged!







Additional Resources to Get You Started:

4 replies

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Important Announcement: Our Automation Anywhere’s OpenAI ChatGPT package has been updated - this package now works with ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo as well as GPT 3 model!

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Hey ,

With the use of Interactive Forms and ChatGPT Package I created a rather simple but a useful solution that creates a Trip plan with respect to days and location shared. Link of the post :  Travel Planner using ChatGPT 


Hi Community,

Please find below link to my idea on integrating Open AI with AA. Objective is to convert unstructured data into structured information using technologies.


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Hi Team,

Go to my LinkedIn post on "Email Sentiment Analysis Using ChatGpt OpenAi" for more information.

I've attached my LinkedIn post URL in the hopes that you can all find it beneficial.

If you like this, please follow for more of the same.