Error while capturing Input using redorder

  • 22 August 2023
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I’m using automation anywhere.

When I try to capture a INPUT using the Recorder for some reason looks like it moves o simply recognize the control lower.

The funny part is that just happen in one server, when I tested in my end it works fine, when I tested in the QA server, It also work fine but It’s deploy in productive I got this error.

During the execution everything goes fine but when the control is reach and the robot sends a backspace something happen that make it lost focus and the value is not updated.


4 replies

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Check your windows “Zoom” settings on view to see if they’ve been adjusted…can’t tell if this is in a web browser, but I’ve seen Similar issues if chrome is zoomed in

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I’ve tried as you recommend but It didn’t work.

Also I found a similar suggestion in the follow post : How do I resolve Recorder > Capture not recognizing text boxes? | Community (

The zoom is 100% and the resolution I set it as recommend in the post.


I’am working with Microsoft Edge Brower . Versión 116.0.1938.54 (Compilación oficial) (64 bits), Windows Server 2019 STD

Any other suggestion ? 

Is there a way to compere both environments?



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@christian.romero  : please check the desktop resolution and browser zoom percentage as well.

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Add an action to identify if screen resolution is causing the issue,

In Powershell:

(Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_VideoController).VideoModeDescription;


in a web browser:


Let us know yoru feedback,