How do I resolve Recorder > Capture not recognizing text boxes?

  • 18 March 2022
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Recorder > Capture is not recognizing web page text input boxes correctly. Capture selects the whole area, not recognizing multiple individual text boxes when I hover over them, e.g. ITBricks registration exercise. Within the Building Scalable Bots training, the Chrome window looks like this:

imageWhen I hover within the Email Address text box I get:

imageIf I hover over the URL I get this:

imageThis object capture will not let me perform Set Text. Looks like it is interpreting the text box as a button based on the available actions presented


If I hover over an area above and to the right of the log-in box (at about 2:00) about 2/3 of the width of the whole log-in box, I get this capture:

imageThis capture will allow me to perform Set Text, but how can I be sure the Bot will function correctly when running on a server or another client?


How can I get the Capture to more reliably recognize text input boxes?





1 reply

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Hi @Joseph Ellinghaus​ ,


Could you please try to adjust the screen resolution to 1366*768 and the chrome browser zoom level is 100%.

Give it try now.


Automation 360 - please install the chrome browser plugin