Solution Pattern - Conversational Automation (Remote via API)

  • 2 October 2023
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This pattern involves invoking an automation from a ChatBot, by use the Control Room APIs.  The automation will execute on one or more unattended runners/devices.


Use this pattern any time you need an external application to execution an automation. 


EXPERT TIP:  There is a specific pattern dedicated to execution of automations based on a conversational/chatbot experience.  Check it out here.



Development Framework: Any Automation360 Development Framework can be used.  For this pattern, it is critical that there are ‘output values’ for the automations/taskbots that are called, that can be returned to the chatbot application.

Solution Design (SDD): A sample SDD is attached.  

Administration: You’ll need a role defined that can generate an API key, as well as role for the ‘runner’ that will execute the automation.  Several Control Room APIs are used to securely connect to the Control Room, and execute an automation.  One or more ‘custom roles’ could be created for this purpose - see samples at the following link.

How to Use: Here is a great video describing how to execute an automation via Control Room APIs. 


Troubleshooting Execution:

The following references API response codes.

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