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Meet Pathfinder Mission Control: The Game-Changing Companion for Automation Leaders

  • 18 September 2023
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Meet Pathfinder Mission Control: The Game-Changing Companion for Automation Leaders
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Intelligent automation is a team sport. While thriving automation programs across industries are comprised of both lean and large teams, the non-negotiable role essential for a successful program is the Automation Leader—the job function dedicated to leading strategic alignment to business goals, implementation, executive relationship-building, organizational evangelism of intelligent automation, and more.

If you are an automation leader, we want you to know we see you. We understand the responsibilities on your plate and the pressure from senior management to deliver and scale. As your team’s leader, there are many ways to approach building and nurturing a successful automation program, as well as many ways you might find your efforts stalled. That’s precisely why we developed Pathfinder Mission Control.

Pathfinder Mission Control is your trusted companion for automation success. It is a game-changer for automation leaders by providing expert tools and guidance to build resilient, scalable automation programs, whether you’re just starting or several years into your intelligent automation endeavor. In this blog, we’ll get into the details of Pathfinder Mission Control and the challenges it helps automation leaders overcome. But, the quickest way to get started with Pathfinder Mission Control is by taking the free online assessment and immediately receiving comprehensive insights about your program and actionable next steps to reinvigorate your growth initiatives.

Get started today with the assessment to identify areas for growth!

The Role of Automation Leaders


Automation leaders are the captains of an organization’s intelligent automation ship. They strategically chart the automation program‘s course, delicately navigating business needs, the ebb and flow of demand, and the ever-evolving sea of technology. In a nutshell, automation leaders play the crucial role of driving and delivering digital transformation across the enterprise.

Digital transformation is no easy feat. And every automation leader is not alone in the challenges they face or the uncertainty of how to best facilitate growth, regardless of industry. Here are some common conundrums we hear from automation leaders:

  • Driving business and technology transformation to show ROI faster
  • Finding a clear map of all the best practices
  • Concerns surrounding governance and compliance when scaling
  • Upskilling all team members, not just developers
  • Achieving buy-in from new stakeholders to drive transformational change
  • Learning how peers solve similar problems

Have you been stalled or stumped by a similar situation? That’s exactly where Pathfinder Mission Control can step in to get you recalibrated and on course to scale!

The Pathfinder Mission Control Advantage


Like a gust of wind in a boat’s sails, Pathfinder Mission Control is the directional force that keeps automation leaders smooth sailing in the right direction. It is the ultimate tool for whatever your automation needs may be, from fostering growth in a specific area, building and expanding a well-rounded team, investigating new frontiers like citizen development or generative AI, or overcoming hurdles, Pathfinder Mission Control is your all-encompassing, go-to resource. Here are the core elements that make Pathfinder Mission Control such a powerful companion:

  • Interactive self-assessment that can be taken anytime, as many times as you’d like
  • Tailored missions that cover the array of automation fundamentals, common roadblocks, and best practices
  • Expert guidance from seasoned automation leaders like yourself who have walked through the journey you’re on

Why go it alone when you can benefit from having Pathfinder Mission Control in your corner?

The Power of Self-Assessment


It’s hard to know where to go next if you’re unsure where you are right now. Any growth challenges or roadblocks you might be facing could be symptomatic of one or more inefficiencies. That’s why we encourage automation leaders to start with the Pathfinder Assessment as part of onboarding with Pathfinder Mission Control. When you take the time to come together with your team and self-reflect on where your automation program stands among the core automation pillars, the results can be eye-opening.

The Pathfinder assessment will generate invaluable insights to paint a holistic portrait of your automation program’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities as they stand today. This critical information lays the groundwork for Pathfinder Mission Control to step in and prescribe the right tools, missions, and strategies to enable your program to scale and operate at its full potential.

Then, after you’ve completed a mission or two, we recommend you retake the self-assessment. This iterative process will keep you apprised of your automation program’s evolving maturity and continually find opportunities to fine-tune processes or incorporate new technology as it emerges—a timely example being generative AI!

Identifying Areas for Growth


We bet you’re curious about precisely how an assessment can provide such pointed insight into the nuances of your automation program. This is not your average ”What TV Show Character Is My Automation Program“ quiz. Derived from our veteran automation experts and extensive automation playbook, the Pathfinder Assessment’s 15 questions are designed to draw out key indicators we need to analyze your program. The 1-5 self-rating for each question is exactly how it can grasp the nuance of your automation efforts thus far. That’s why it’s so imperative that automation leaders and their teams meticulously answer each question. Your honest self-evaluation will yield the most accurate insights and helpful go-forward strategy.

What insights do automation leaders gain about their programs from the assessment? You’ll learn the strengths, weaknesses, and growth opportunities within your program across Automation Anywhere’s five essential pillars:

  • Program - Whether you’ve built a strong foundation for a data-driven automation program
  • People - If you’re appropriately nurturing a team of knowledgeable, innovative automation professionals
  • Pipeline - Whether you’re set up to grow a pipeline of high-value automation opportunities
  • Production - How well you’re optimizing your automation development process
  • Promotion & Engagement - How well you’re creating executive and team enthusiasm about automation

Navigating the Path to Success


Navigating the next steps after you receive your assessment results is straightforward. Pathfinder Mission Control will make mission recommendations based on your results and best growth opportunities. From there, work with your team to prioritize the 1 or 2 missions you want to tackle based on your strategic business goals. Extract the actions listed in your selected mission(s) to create a 90-day plan for your team to work on. The more specific, the better! You can create a shared team spreadsheet with actions, due dates, and owners and find a cadence to review everyone’s progress.


Get Started Today


If you are a current Automation Anywhere customer or partner, you can access Pathfinder Mission Control and the Pathfinder Assessment right now.

To get started, head to the Pathfinder Mission Control home page and start the self-assessment. Log in using your A-People credentials—the same ones you use for Community or any other Automation Anywhere website. After you’ve completed the assessment with your team, you’ll automatically receive your results and Mission Control’s recommendations to fire up your automation program. Boom, you’re off!

You have untapped potential ready for the taking. Take the Pathfinder Assessment today and supercharge your program to scale and beyond!


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