Zulu Platform x64 Architecture hanging processes. Please advise, is the Zulu Platform x64 Architecture part of AA's compiler process, and why are there dozens of this process running in the background?

  • 18 March 2022
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Experienced slowdowns in development Virtual Machine, noticed lots of this process running in Task Manager, am attempting to diagnose the source of the problems.

5 replies

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Hi @Andrew Yankee​ ,


You are right all the JAVA based nssm services are of AA CR services. You wouldn't see PostgreSQL service of BI if you don't have PostgreSQL DB as your Zoom data back-end DB server, I think you would have MS SQL server both for CR and BI services.


Now about the usage up to 100% below is my thoughts.


General resolution I would carry out when the usage go high are below.


1) If you don't use BI services, please stop all the BI services and see if it helps. If you use BI and don't want to stop all the services, just stop the BI scheduler service, it doesn't have any impact.


2) Are there any other services than AA services which is taking more CPU then try to stop/disable that service.


3) Try restarting the services and see if it can help.


Let me know if any of these suggestions could help.




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Hello @Andrew Yankee​ , There are close to a dozen CR windows services running in the CR server and each one of them has java process.

Ensure you have minimum required hardware specifications for the CR which is 16GB RAM and 8 Core CPU. It is expected that the memory usage of all these processes come together ~7GB but there shouldn't be a performance issue if the VM meets hardware requirements.

@Tamil Arasu​ Hello,

We don't really use BI at the moment, but I think we might want to in the future. Just curious, how do I go about stopping/starting the BI services?



@Sajith Sudhakaran​ Thanks,

It looks like we are due for some upgrades to the virtual machine, having recently added another developer to our team.


I have managed to temporarily reduce the lag with a simple system restart, and hopefully with improved system specs, and regular restarts, this problem will not reoccur.


Thank you both for your help!

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Hi @Andrew Yankee​ 


Please find the below example steps, "Note (BI)- You have to stop the Automation Anywhere Bot Insight services only"



  1. Open a Windows Run Dialog (Win + R).
  2. Type in services.msc
  3. image
  4. Right-click on the service and select Properties.image
  5. Click on the Stop button (if the service is running).
  6. Change the Startup type to Disabled.
  7. Click on OK image








@Tamil Arasu​ Thanks so much, I will look into this as well.