Zero Gravity Lounge Day 4 - Exploring Generative AI + Automation Use Cases

  • 4 May 2023
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Zero Gravity Lounge Day 4 - Exploring Generative AI + Automation Use Cases
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🌕 You’ve now entered your community space station to share your experiences on the topic of the day & form new connections during the 1st Annual Pathfinder Community Space Camp & Generative AI Showcase. Here you can refuel your program by tethering with community peers and collaborating on some of the most challenging topics facing automation professionals today. BONUS: In the process of connecting with the community here, you’ll earn your Zero Gravity Badge ! Go weightless!


🚀 Today we’re taking all missions into consideration and examining how to leverage different AI tools to bolster your automation efforts not matter how new or mature your program is.

From ChatGPT to Google AI to DocAI there are so many generative AI apps in the market to accomplish whatever your use case needs might be.

So we’re curious—as you have explored AI + Automation, what business use case (does not have to be your own) have you found most intriguing to-date and are interested in learning more about?

Hear from our Automation Anywhere AI product experts: 


Follow-Up Call To Action, Cosmonauts: Don’t miss our extra edition of the Space Camp Flight Plan, dedicated to—you guessed it—Generative AI! Consult this special digest for helpful AI resources and details on how you can still earn a badge on the Extended April Badge Challenge.



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