Zero Gravity Lounge Day 3 - Thinking About Citizen Development

Zero Gravity Lounge Day 3 - Thinking About Citizen Development
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🌕 You’ve now entered your community space station to share your experiences on the topic of the day & form new connections during the 1st Annual Pathfinder Community Space Camp & Generative AI Showcase. Here you can refuel your program by tethering with community peers and collaborating on some of the most challenging topics facing automation professionals today. BONUS: In the process of connecting with the community here, you’ll earn your Zero Gravity Badge ! Go weightless!


🚀 Today we’re thinking about Scaling Through Citizen Development.

If you want to take your automation program enterprise-wide, a key strategy to scale may be training your own Citizen Developers.

💭 But what makes a good Citizen Developer candidate?
💭 How many Citizen Developers should you start with?
💭 What guardrails need to be in place for citizen-developed automations?

To shed light on these common questions, let’s take questions directly to the Citizen Developers, themselves!

✏️ If you were in a room full of citizen developers, what is one question you would ask?

💬 We’ll be collecting your queries and taking them straight to our Citizen Developer community members to generate a list of expert tips post-Space Camp! Keep your eyes peeled for answers and insights to come full orbit!

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