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  • 2 May 2023
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I am fetching data using a SOAP web service (the web service fetches data in XML format) and the only option to save the output is coming through a List. I am then looping through each item of that list and printing it as a String value, however I get this error at the step where the List is looping through each item. 
Please let me know how I can solve this issue or a workaround to it. 



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Hi @pnegi,
Thank you for your question about the Workday command package. I’m Vineet and I product manage the Workday command package and happy to assist with the issue you are having.

Based on the screenshots you provided, it appears that the error is caused by assigning the List iteration’s value to a string variable instead of a dictionary variable. The following steps will help you to solve the problem and execute your automation successfully.

  1. The Get Report action returns a List of type Any.
  2. When the report format is selected as ‘Simple Xml’, the response would look like below-


  1. When the report format is selected as ‘Workday Xml’, the response would look like below-


  2.  You may assign the List iteration’s current value to a dictionary variable to solve the issue you are facing.
  3. There are instances when you are not sure of the datatype in the List response. In those instances, you may use the variable type ANY and use the debugger to see what the response type is (dictionary, list, etc.) and then use the corresponding variable type to store the response.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reply to this post. I’d love to understand more about the use cases you are working on with the Workday command package.