WLM: How to disconnect a device from device pool?

  • 10 March 2022
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Hello everybody,


Using queues, how would you disconnect a faulty device from a device pool? The scenario is the following:


Imagine that we have a queue with 100 items and 10 unattended bot runners within a device pool. The process is about doing some login in some desktop application and entering some data. Potentially it could happen that in one of these devices, this desktop app does not work, so we do not want to process more items in that given device. How could I disconnect the device from the device pool so that no more items are sent to that device?


On top of that, I would like to make the transaction that device was working with as "Fail" status, so that it can be re-processed again via queue interface (if you simply stop the bot agent service the item will have an "unknown" status)

4 replies

Got any solution on this? ​

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Nope, it seems that Automation Anywhere lacks this feature

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Hi @Andoni Aguirre Aranguren​ ,

Currently the unwanted devices needs to be removed from device pool manually by pausing the queue automation.

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Then A360 currently does not have a built-in solution to exclude the tainted device from the device pool without manual intervention, thank you