Will the bot execute the next STEP Action if the IF condition inside the loop fails in the 2nd STEP action?

  • 28 February 2023
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Description: I'm currently working on a bot that uses the Step action multiple times, and I have a question regarding its behavior when an IF condition inside the loop fails in the 2nd STEP. Specifically, I'm wondering if the bot will continue to execute the next step in the sequence, or if it will simply complete without executing the 3rd step?

I would appreciate any insights or guidance on this matter, as I want to ensure that my bot is functioning as intended. Thank you in advance for your help!

1 reply

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Hi @Deepak Kumar ,


STEP has nothing to do with the BOT logic. It is simply for organizing your overall appearance of your code and for the better understandings for an outsider while looking at your code. 


BOT will always follow the logic which you have given and execute accordingly. 


Note: If you have given the 3rd STEP inside the IF clause and suppose the condition doesn’t satisfy, BOT will not consider the logic inside that IF clause and proceed to Else clause or the logic proceeding next.


I hope this will help.