Why ExcelAdvanced:Go to cell(end of column of current cell) goes to 1831.row even though there are 641 rows? only

  • 6 November 2023
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I could not understand why this happens

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Hi @Semih 3318 ,

The excel you are currently using might had data till 1841 and later on you might have just deleted the data not the whole rows. 

Please find below two approaches: 

  • Manually remove the blank rows.
  • Apply If condition on a specific column for not blank condition inside the excel loop:
    • Loop(excel rows){
      • If ( CurrentRow{“column name”} =! blank){
        • Increment RowCounter
        • }
      • }
    • After the loop has finished you can use the RowCounter as number of rows.
  • Let me know whether the condition works or not