When the screen is off, it completes the process as if you were downloading a pdf. The folder where the file is saved is empty. It records without any problem while watching the screen.

Hello, I am using Automation Anywhere 360.

I have a process, pdf is saved in the process. When this process runs with the screen open in front of me, it makes pdf recordings smoothly.

But when I Schedule it and want it to run with RDP while the screen is off, it pretends to download and completes the process. When I look at the folder where it saved the PDF, I see its contents empty.

Explorer is used as the browser. This problem did not exist before in the processes. It was post Migration for AA 360 use. Moved old processes to new servers. It doesn't save pdf files when the screen is off, what can I do about it.

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Hi @Zeynep Aytolu​ ,


Its an odd issue, but issues are reported whenever we work with RDPs.

You could try changing the settings like I have in the screenshot below:

imageOr you can refer this documentation on RDP deployment for multiple users and see if any of that works out for you.


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Ashwin A.K

Thanks for your reply, I'll try that and get back to you. Before trying it, I am just learning how to develop robots, so I had to ask. By scheduling processes, I needed to use RDP to run even when my computer was off. Can I do this without RDP?

Some sources said I could do it and some sources said I couldn't.

Since there are processes running with RDP, I can't try it because there are 4 different processes running every day in the current system. It reduces a lot of workload. If it doesn't work one day, it becomes a problem.


I am working with single user, not using multiple users.