What's the Public folder for and how to run bots from there?

  • 17 November 2023
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What's the Public folder for and how to run bots from there?

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Hi @Maria AF106447 ,

1 Private folder is where you building the bots and only you can view it, Once its built you can check in the bot to the public folders.

2 The bots which are in public folder can be viewed by other users depending on the role assigned.

3 The bot which are in public folder can be only deployed to run on the runner machines or scheduled to run at certain time.

4 If there is a team of developers than the public folder act as a sharing repository with the team members.

5 The Bot is public folder can only be viewed and to edit it we will have to check it out to private folder.


Hope this helps!

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hi @Abhay Naik  - Thanks for the detailed response. Can you confirm what type of permission is needed to be able to check-in bots to Public folder?

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Hi @Maria AF106447 ,


You must have Bot Creator or Citizen Developer license to check in a bot to the public folder.

  • You must be assigned a custom role with the following permissions:
    • Required: Check in permission at the folder level and at the corresponding parent folder level in the public workspace.
    • Optional: Create folder permission.
    • Optional: View packages permission.
  • To check in a bot with dependent folders and files, ensure you have the following:
    • Create folder permission.

      If you are checking in a bot from your private workspace and if the folder in which the bot is present does not yet exist in the public workspace, you must have create folder permission to successfully check in the bot.

    • Check in permission on the dependency folder.
  • Ensure that your private and public workspaces have the same folder structure so that when you check in a bot from your private workspace, it will appear in the same folder structure in the public workspace.
  • For example, if you check in a bot from the sample bot folder in the private workspace, it will appear in the sample bot folder in the public workspace.

If you want to check in multiple bots as a unit that are not dependent on each other, create a main bot and then add the other bots as dependencies to this main bot. Check in the main bot.