What's new in Automation 360 v.30 Release?

  • 9 October 2023
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There will be much more to explore in Automation 360 than just what's covered in this post.


But for now, let's focus on the cream of the crop: Gen AI packages, automation templates, OAuth 2.0 support, variable logging, personalized ACC (Automation Command Center) views, Approval tasks, and data extraction with Gen AI.



Gen AI Packages

The new release empowers users to integrate Google, Microsoft, and Open AI packages directly into Automation 360. As a result, you can leverage the powerful ML models developed by these top-tier vendors without having to leave the platform.




Creating bots is about to become a lot easier with the new "Templates" feature.


Instead of wasting repetitive efforts on crafting the same basic bot structures over and over again, users can now clone an already-configured bot or use an existing skeleton to kickstart a project.


OAuth 2.0 Authentication Support


Automation 360 provides an updated REST web service package that now supports OAuth 2.0 authentication for a centralized OAuth token from the control room. So, users will have more authentication flexibility when working with REST APIs.


Enhanced Logging of Variables


Building upon the existing log text to file feature, the new release introduces an option for logging variables in a log file. This means that actual variables from the Taskbot can be logged, giving you even more detailed insight into your workflows.


Personalized ACC Views


Automation 360’s new version offers a personalized view of the Automation Command Center (ACC). It allows you to adapt the dashboard to your liking, giving you a clear and intuitive overview of the automation process. 


Approval Tasks for Smooth Collaboration


A new type of task – Approval Task is introduced in this update. This can be used in the process composer for seeking feedback or approval from human users, enhancing collaboration and flexibility in the workflow creation process.


Gen AI Powered Data Extraction and Document Automation


The Gen AI technology also extends its capabilities to document automation. Through simple search queries, the Gen AI model extracts relevant data from documents with minimum configuration effort on your part.

"searchQuery": "what is the full property address with state, city and zip code"




Make sure to try out all these new features today! For more information on everything new with the v.30 release, dive into the release notes!


Happy Automating!



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