What is Global cache, and what happened if we delete the data from global cache folder

  • 16 February 2022
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I wanted to know in simple words what is the use of gloabl cache folder in automation anywhere

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Hello @Nikhil Thakare​ The Global Cache location contains the command packages which is required to run the Bots. The default location of Global cache is 'C:\ProgramData\AutomationAnywhere\GlobalCache' and the 'embedded-resources' folder inside global cache contains special packages such as Recorder.

Its not recommended to delete the files under Global cache folder considering its mandatory to run the bots reference to the commands package used in the bot. If we delete this folder or files in it, it will download again next time when the bot runs which will lead to performance issues.

Hello Team,


If situation demands that we need to immediately clear some space from Global Cache Folder due to space crunch issue on server then please let us know what is the best practice to clear data from




Situation - Almost 8GB of data is stored on our Development Server in Global Cache folder and we have only 4 GB of C drive space available.

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The best practice will be to increase the C drive space and ensure you have always ~30GB of free space. You may analyze which other folders consume more diskspace apart from OS files or the space allocated in C drive was less when creating the machine. You may go ahead and delete some older folders from Globalcache but those will be downloaded again when you further perform bot development\execution based on the commands used.