What html tags do "find broken links" look for in the site, looks like there are lots of clickable links are available in site but BOT is reporting few urls.

  • 17 February 2022
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Hi All,

We are using find broken links for the site, the site has lots of clickable urls but when we run the BOT for "Find broken links" - It is reporting only few urls. We want to know what are the tags/ types of urls bot is checking. Please guide if there is anything .



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Hello @Akash Malapur​,


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The Find broken links command enables you to scan the websites to find the links that are not working on a specific page or an entire website. The action stores the output to a CSV file and allows you to specify the encoding you to use to store the output.


Please refer to the below document for more information that how you can use this command.>


Hope this helps!



Piyush Jani