Web automation package and simulate keystrokes

  • 20 September 2023
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I’m experiencing this issue when ever I combine a Web Automation package from the store with simulate keystroke package. This issue only occurs when the bot is triggered by an API or when it’s schedule to run by a bot runner. It works fine only when it’s run directly from the task bot by a developer user. 

The issue is with the slowness in which the keystroke package takes to execute normally it takes about 1-3 seconds to input information or press keys like .. TAB or ENTER, but when it runs from API/Scheduled it takes take even 20-30 seconds. I have to use that package, because sometimes I’m dealing with pop ups that doesn’t have element id’s and can only be interacted with simulating keystrokes. There are also other reasons why I would prefer to use keystroke package.

It is a bit odd issue, but since Web automation its a custom package AA support is not being helpful here and I spend weeks already building this out using Web and Browser automation package provided here in community which works just great and allows me to build a re-usable components/bots that speeds up the development. 




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