VBScript function in AA360 - multiple outputs

  • 24 February 2023
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Hi All,

I am using Automation Anywhere 360 and I have question related to VBS function in AA. I need to receive many outputs from script, but “VBScript: Run function” allows to assign only one string variable as output. 

I found not perfect workaround where I:

  1. In VBScript create one string output made from many values separated by specific sign (e.g. “/”).
  2. Assign the VBS output to string variable
  3. Use “String: split” to create list with needed outputs.

As a result I received:


This is not perfect workaround because I could have value which includes my delimiter (in this case “/”) and then I receive wrong outputs.

Do you have any suggestions how I can get many outputs form VBS function in AA 360?

Thank in advance for help!


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