Variable Conversion Capabilities?

  • 22 February 2023
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A team member just shared with me that A360 is capable of making quick variable conversions without having to use additional actions. For example, finding the length of a list as that returns a number type: $lst_Categories.List:size$. This is very similar to Microsoft’s Power Automate Desktop, which I find extremely useful. 


Can someone point me to A360 documentation that outlines these types of variable conversion capabilities?

Thank you!

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Hey @wwylie,

It’s been a while since you posted so you may have already found your answer.

But in case you have not, I will drop this link for you to take a look at as a starting point:

Type conversion (

This is the only official documentation I can find on these little “in-line” variable shorthand techniques. From my experience, AA has not devoted much to documenting these features. For instance, the link above lists only three categories: Boolean, Numbers, and Strings. However, there are far more inline shortcuts available, like the “.List:size” that you mentioned in your question.

A few months ago, an AA update broke one of the inline shortcuts that converts Boolean to string. When I put in a ticket, the staff was not even aware that these shortcuts existed. See the image below showing the tool tip popup is currently missing the “Boolean:toString” option.

It is a shame that there is not a stronger focus on these features because they can dramatically increase code efficiency.

I would suggest to AA that they prepare a comprehensive list of all inline type conversions and variable shortcuts and upload to their documentation for the benefit of users like you and me.

Sidenote, if you come across anywhere that lists these shortcuts and explains them, please let me know.