Using the JSON Object Manager Query Action to pull a Boolean value from a JSON string

  • 18 March 2022
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I am trying to use the JSON Object Manager to pull a value from a JSON string.

The value I am trying to pull is a true boolean value within the string.

The problem seems to be that the Query action only outputs to a String variable or an Any variable. I cannot choose a Boolean variable to hold my output value.


The relevant portion of the JSON string looks like this:

{"response": {"pages": {"hasMore": true,"nextPage": "1"}}}


My Query action looks like this:



Whether I use an Any variable or a String variable to hold the output value, the output value is blank when displayed in a message box.


I have tried creating an If action with a boolean condition and that does not interpret the output (which should be true) correctly. I have tried converting it from boolean to string, but that throws an error telling me it is expecting boolean input and received a string input.


I have tried converting from string to boolean and then back to string but that still yields a variable with no value.


I need to output this boolean value and cannot figure out how to do it.

1 reply

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@Michael Smith​ Use this package:>

This will return correct Boolean value in string.