Using JSONParser: JSON to Dictionary has trouble with a Date field as it does not return it. It returns all the values except the Date

  • 7 June 2022
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Here is the string I am using which returns all elements except the Date.


“{"AmountPerPaycheckHelpingHands":25,"FundCodeLanguage":"CF2","aaflag":"current","EmailSettings":",name:Bob,subject:New Donation,name:Rock,subject:New Donation Entries","AmountPerPaycheckMarkAbar":25,"DonorMiddleName":"B","MobilePhone":"123-456-7890","AnnualHelpingHands":650,"PayWeeks":26,"class":"fields","DonorSuffix":"Batman","AnnualLanguage":650,"DonorLastName":"Wayne","TotalPerPaycheck":75,"AmountPerPaycheckLanguage":25,"ZipCode":"01010","Title":"Mr","City":"Gotham","EmailAddress":"","FundCodeMarkAbar":"CF1","FundCodeHelpingHands":"CF5","Date":1654488000000,"StreetAddressOne":"1 Main Street","AnnualMarkAbar":650,"State":"YY","Signature":"Batman","PerPaycheckAnnual":1950,"EmployeeID":3423,"DonorFirstName":"Bruce","Notifications":false,"createdBy":""}”


1 reply

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Hello @Rock Morin​ 


How are you passing the date field? From what I understand from the json provided, the date 1654488000000 seems invalid

For return value, if you are passing date in the correct format, you can have return values as Multiple variables and the point at which the Date is expected, you can add it as a Datetime variable


Please let me know if that works. If not, kindly raise a support case and we can assist you further.