Upgrading on-prem Control room - questions on certain step

  • 7 February 2024
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We are planning to upgrade our development control room from v24 to v27 and this will be the first time we upgraded the control room since it was initially installed. I have been reviewing documentation on this and there are a few items which I was hoping to get some guidance on.  Please note that this in on-prem. 


I was looking at this article In this article is states the below and these are the items that I was looking for clarification on. 


  • You must perform the following steps before you update the Automation 360 version:
    • Ensure you reconfigure the settings for log4j2.xml files after the installation because when you update, the previous settings set at log level in log4j2 change back to default.
    • Configure the SSL settings (certificates) every time you update.

Reconfiguring the log4j2.xml files. is anyone aware of any documentation on how this should be done? 


Configure the SSL settings (certificates). During the upgrade I see a step for configuring the TLS certificate but I don’t see anything about a SSL cert and we don’t recall doing anything during the initial setup. is anyone aware of any documentation on how this should be done? 


Thanks in Advance

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Check if you have any customization on log4j.xml file due mitigation risk or logging level. Backup the actual xml file.

Every time you update the Control Room, the installer will ask about SSL certificate, if you dont have one, a self-signed will be placed instead. 


If you have SSL certificate in you actual environment (pfx file ), you will require the password of it one.