UNKOWN: User:(user id) is already running a bot on device: (device name)

  • 20 October 2022
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We are repeatedly getting error pop up when we try to run the task on A360. The error pop up says UNKOWN: User:(user id) is already running a bot on device: (device name).


error We also see, the task is listed in pending execution state under CR->In Progress screen even though the task is successfully completed.


The only workaround we are aware is to restart bot agent service and we are doing almost every-time before running a task.


We see similar issues reported by other users here but none has found a solution yet.;!!KLCbKzk!jzFApkASE3W4sOY5Rlfbx5iyY1u_iiY8SJjsbO7cEYNO3E-RbmHFCiV8vlcbcAwqHLLh74ulmXIgYPxt2LGNwQeihmSEX6Dq7kQ$"alt=";!!KLCbKzk!jzFApkASE3W4sOY5Rlfbx5iyY1u_iiY8SJjsbO7cEYNO3E-RbmHFCiV8vlcbcAwqHLLh74ulmXIgYPxt2LGNwQeihmSEX6Dq7kQ$"target="_blank">;!!KLCbKzk!jzFApkASE3W4sOY5Rlfbx5iyY1u_iiY8SJjsbO7cEYNO3E-RbmHFCiV8vlcbcAwqHLLh74ulmXIgYPxt2LGNwQeihmSEUtVVlf4$"alt=";!!KLCbKzk!jzFApkASE3W4sOY5Rlfbx5iyY1u_iiY8SJjsbO7cEYNO3E-RbmHFCiV8vlcbcAwqHLLh74ulmXIgYPxt2LGNwQeihmSEUtVVlf4$"target="_blank">


4 replies

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Hi @Srinath Bhaskaran​ ,


Please create the support ticket to Automation Anywhere and attach the Agent logs as well. Someone will help you to resolve this at the earliest.



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Hi Tamil.


How do i create support ticket?



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@Anthony Yeo  - Try this to resolve the issue

Remove automation anywhere folder under 


Then restart your machine.

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  • rbkadiyam  your solution works.  Thank you so much!