unable to read latest files from the folders

  • 25 March 2024
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hi i am using file folder trigger to run the bot .when new file is added in folder bot has trigger and read newly added xml file .but somtimes two or more files are added in the folder at same time  (suppose 5 files added at same time the bot is triggered 5 times but it reads only same file each time .I need read those 5 files one by one). i just want to read newly added latest files not exesting files how i overcome this problem . 

(Note: latest file is comes at first index always)

1 reply

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Hello @Deepak Basar 

Would you use an Excel file to keep logs of which filenames of xml files are getting readed?

So you would do a Loop, if the filename is one that was read before, you can choose next filename and work on it?