Unable to loop through O365 mailbox

  • 1 November 2023
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I am working with a customer attempting to connect to an O365 mailbox to retrieve emails. We have tried the documented IMAP connection information (, 993, SSL box checked) but keep getting invalid username and password. We have confirmed credentials are correct.

When we switch to POP3 (995, SSL still checked) the connection goes through. However, When I then try to loop through all emails in the Inbox, I am getting an error that the “connection details are incorrect”. For the loop I am choosing all emails, output to dictionary, and just trying to capture emailSubject in a messagebox.

As a test, I created a brand new O365 account (outside the customer org), and am able to connect with IMAP just fine and cycle through the emails in that mailbox. Any thought on why the other account is not working?


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