Unable to identify objects of the results of the web form after clicking the search button. All the capture actions are failing but the objects are capturing when used the object exist if command.

  • 2 September 2022
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I have a bot which was working fine for a long time until last month. suddenly the bot failed all the capture activities used to capture combo box and text boxes located after the search button click action in the web form. I have created another bot and used recorder to create the actions and I have noticed that the recorder is also failing to capture objects after clicking that search button. Then I have created another bot and manually created only those failing capture activates and it is working fine but taking too much time to execute the capture activities. What could be the possible issues and what is the work around that I can follow to resolve this issue. This is the form that the errors were occurred.


web form 


2 replies

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Hi @Harsha Jayasinghe​ ,


Could you try downgrading the Capture Action and see if that works out for you?


If it isn't an issue with the packages, then you might want to refine the XPath and add suitable delay for it to wait long enough for the element to appear.


Kind Regards,

Ashwin A.K

thank u @Ashwin A.K​ . That works for me. The issue is with the latest Capture package in 360 enterprise edition.