Unable to get selected text using record capture

  • 18 January 2023
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Hi everyone,


I have a bit of a problem here, whereby I’m trying to get a selected item/text using the capture action but for some reason on the dropdown the bot should select from, the bot’s able to identify single words but can’t identify words with spaces. E.g: Pepsico Sa will fail for some reason but if it’s Pepsico, the bot can identify it.


Please may I get assistance on this.

6 replies

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Can you share screenshot of your recorder and the properties selected?

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When you say fail... whats the error you are receiving? Line 50 what variable are you assigning? I am happy to get on a call to help. Not sure what our time differences are.

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@Nokz can u check screen resolution and scalling... i had same type of issue where drop down text unable to select in unattended mode with this scaling issue.

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@rbkadiyam What would the ideal scaling be? 


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@ShivC, the error is: “Unable to get text in combobox” , something along those lines. On line 50 we assigning a value from the web app to another variable as a way to check if it would still display the value in a different variable. But it still doesn’t return anything. 

I’m in South Africa, timezone is GMT+2