Unable to export Bot from V11 control Room

  • 23 September 2022
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Hi Team


Please kindly assist me in exporting a Bot from V11 control room for A360 migration. i get the message "Bot or Dependency not available in control room". how can i resolve this?


Highly appreciate your assistance.

5 replies

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Hi @Reuben Kekana​ ,


Please check out the below link,>



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Hi @Reuben Kekana​ ,>

Hi Tamil,


Yes i have followed the steps provided from the article but i still get the warning fro m the attached screenshot and therefore cant export my task bot.



Hi Tamir


Thank you for feedback, do i need any special permissions to set a production version? i can only view bots from the control room but cant edit.

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Hi @Reuben Kekana​ ,


As a Control Room user with BLM Export module permission and download privileges for Tasks, Docs, Workflows, and Reports and execute permission for MetaBots, you can export bots and dependent files in different automation environments to help manage your organization's Bot Lifecycle Management (BLM)>