Unable to Capture Object

  • 24 July 2023
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Hi! I’m having an issue on record capture, everytime I capture or recapture an object it just keeps on capturing object. Tried to wait it in a span of 30 mins but nothings changed. Same also with mouse click action can’t capture also. Hope someone can help me on this issue. Thank you in Advance!


8 replies

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Ok, tons of information missing here. Crystal ball is in the shop:

  • Community Edition or Enterprise?
  • Is the Control Room on the same machine where you’re capturing the object?
  • Does this happen for any object (Application, Browser, etc.) or just some?
  • Has this ever worked? If so, when did you begin having an issue?
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Hi @J.Logan It is an enterprise edition, yes the control room is on the same machine where I captured the object. I started to experienced this issue last week in SAP application and in browser also when I developed a newly taskbots. For existing taskbots, there’s no issue on running it though.




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It seems something environment issue. Try to do below actions.


1) close the a360 and clear cookies, browser history.

2) restart the machine.


Please post if you still facing issue.



Aravindh s 

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Hi @Aravindh483 done clearing all the cookies and the browser history. After restarting the machine, still the record capture just keeps on capturing object status.

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OK. Try to reinstall bot agent once.

It seems environment issue, we can do all possible things.

If still issue persists,we need to raise ticket with AA Team for work around

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Hi @Aravindh483 still encountered an error after reinstallation. Thank you for your advices, will raise this issue to AA team. Thank You again.


Hi @Shusha321. Could you find the solution to the problem? I currently have the same problem

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@cesarinv try uninstall browser plugin and install again