Two Control Rooms Two Creators same machine

  • 14 December 2022
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Hi All,


 We have two control room , two creator for respective control room. Can we run both creator in same machine as it points both to different control room 

3 replies

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Hi @gali12 5523 ,


You can access those 2 control rooms from a single machine at the same time as they will be having two different URLs. 

But your question is not clear. Through creator profile, you can develop BOT and run the same. If the device which you are mentioning here is connected with both of the control rooms, then technically you can run the BOT from each control room, and it will trigger the runner machine accordingly.


But simultaneously running BOTs on a same runner device is not recommended especially if they are using any shared resources which will cause problem for the execution and cause error. 


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Dear @gali12 5523,


Yes, it is possible to run two creators on the same machine that point to different control rooms. This can be done by using different instances or versions of the creator software for each control room, and configuring the software to connect to the appropriate control room. However, it is important to note that running multiple instances of complex software on the same machine can potentially cause performance issues, so it may be necessary to use a machine with sufficient resources to handle the load. Additionally, it may be necessary to properly configure the network settings on the machine to ensure that the two creators can communicate with their respective control rooms without interference.



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@gali12 5523 

Are you referring there are two control rooms, each will have creator license and access these control rooms through one VDI with different user names / licenses right... in this case yes possible.