Trying to convert PDF file into Word file. I tried to pass two arguments in python function, created list and take file path using index position, still function not executing. Bot error occurs

  • 10 May 2022
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Hi @rpa wts​,


Kindly check the below points on your end:


  1. An appropriate version of Python should be installed on the runner machine and the respective 'Python runtime version' should be selected in the "Python script: Open" command
  2. Make sure the script dependencies are installed in the system. In your case, the "pdf2docx" library should be installed on the runner machine.
  3. Verify that the same script gives the desired results when run directly on the machine.
  4. Now coming to the bot, ensure that the parameters you are passing through the list variable are of the format supported in python scripting.


Once these points are validated, the script should be running fine.

Hope this helps.