The time recorded in CR and the API result time are different. Is there a solution?

  • 21 June 2024
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The recorded data performed by CR was extracted into API.
Results of Bot Execution Orchestrator API and
The results recorded in the actual CR Historical activity are different.

CR Historical : 13:30:16 KST 2024-06-21
API : "startDateTime": "2024-06-21T04:30:16.358068300Z"

The time recorded in historical activity (Started On, Ended On) and
When the times (startDateTime, endDateTime) extracted by API are different
Is there any way to make the two results the same?


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The discrepancy between the times recorded in the CR Historical activity and the times extracted by the API is likely due to a difference in time zones. In your example, the time in CR Historical is recorded in Korea Standard Time (KST), while the time extracted by the API is in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

To make the two results the same, you need to convert the times (startDateTime, endDateTime) from one time zone to the other.

Convert UTC to KST: Use the DateTime: Add action to add 9 hours to the DateTime object to convert it to KST.

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