The screenshot is not coming properly in the UAT machine.

  • 6 October 2022
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Hi All,


Having an issue with screen capture in the UAT machine(VDI) getting an improper screen capture. This issue is coming for the past 2 days before it used to work properly.



Need to capture only graphImproper_UAT 

When we try in the DEV machine(VDI) it comes with proper screen capture.



Can someone help me with this... can I use resize window option?


Thanks in advance🙂


5 replies

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Can you maximize the window before taking the screenshot?

Hi @ChanduMohammad S​ 


Suppose the page is already at maximum...If I am doing maximize window again can cause any problems.? like the page get minimize or kind of off

@ChanduMohammad S​  No I am using the capture area where I need to capture only the graph.


Can I use resize the window? and what co-ordinates need to pass in that resizes as the default comes to 800*600 where my local system resolution is 1680*1050

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Make sure your machine resolution and UAT runner is same and maximize the window before capturing the region hope this helps.

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No @KOLI CHARAN​ , I am thinking if you are taking screenshot, command should take entire screen why its capturing part of it. Hope you have used Screen Package >> Capture Desktop command?