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  • 4 December 2022
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One of the top requests when preparing for this new community experience  - “I am an Automation Leader and I would like a place to go to connect with other leaders on topics that are not always technical but more program focused.”


Welcome to your NEW dedicated space to connect with Automation Leader peers and

collaborate, share ideas and learn. 


Are you…

  • Launching a new automation program from the ground up? 
  • Determining the right CoE model for your organization? 
  • Building a budget for the next year? 
  • Visualizing the org structure required to make your program successful and the headcount required to make it happen? 
  • Testing out new program and project methodologies like agile? 
  • Constructing a promotion and engagement plan to build up internal support & find the next great use case? 
  • Preparing an executive level presentation on your program for the first time or looking to revamp your current deck? 
  • Feeling inspired by our Automation Pathfinder Program and wanting to deep dive into a few of the topics? 

This is the spot for you - ready, set, start a discussion

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