The Automation Challenge.

  • 28 September 2023
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Hey community,

Recently I came across a challenge known as : The Automation Challenge : ( V2), a simple looking form where data is entered from an excel file onto the portal. Around 50 rows of data we have to enter.

But the catch over here is when you click on start the UI of the page changes. That’s  not all, for every row we submit the UI changes and in between we will get a pop-up of I am not a robot, where we have to check the box. 

Now you guys will think that we can create the DOMX path or get the source code and enter the data, it won’t help, there is a JS Code which you get when you get the source code, no single HTML element.😓

Has anyone ever attempted the above challenge, if yes let’s discuss, if not do try out and let’s have a chat on it.🤓🤖


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