Switching Repository location withut reinstalling CR in-prem

  • 24 November 2023
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is it possible to switch Server Files (bot repository) to another location during normal CR on-prem operating and avoiding reinstall.

I’ve tested such (changed the Repository location in CR settings) and got problems with reading bots:

the catalog structure were ok, but entering the script resulted in some error messages, the Action icons  were all the same (one pattern), there was no possibility to start the BOT,

Is there some other things to look up?

greeting Michal

2 replies

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Hello @MichalTurek , You may change the Server repository location from the CR setting page but ensure to copy the ‘Server repository’ location as it is to the new path. Each file has its own reference in the database and hence its important to have the same files along with the path to the new repository location updated in the settings page. 

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Hallo @Sajith Sudhakaran thanks for the reply,

Should I copy only “Server Files” catalog or all catalogs from Program Data/AutomationWnywhere location?