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  • 14 December 2022
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Hello Team,

DO you know if we can have the Loop Switch...Case in AA360?

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Hi @helenemamou ,


You mean Switch between the nested loops?

If yes, there is no straightforward action for that in A360.We can put certain condition either through an IF or Loop-While option within the Loop from where you need to switch and if the condition satisfies, use the Loop-Break action to exit that loop and go to the parent loop or the loop on which the broken loop exists.

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Dear @helenemamou,


You can have options to continue loop or loop break in actions, at which point you are stuck please share with screenshots so I can help you out in this scenario.



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@helenemamou ,

You can use only IF, ELSE, ELSE IF structures in a Loop action. Swich case doesnt exist in A360. However, you can use a similar structure like this one:


an approach