Swagger differences and inconsistencies for A360 versions

  • 22 February 2023
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Hi all, 


While working for different customers, differences and inconsistencies in Swagger and lack of backwards compatibility have been found between AA360 versions.


  • repository-management-api.yaml : Older version on the left does not have some definitions covered in the newer version on the right. Still, API endpoints are there and are working.
  • Trigger API definition missing on V1 for older version on the left, but present in V1 for newer version on the right. You would expect changes for newer versions to be added, but older versions that might be used would be expected to remain consistent


  • API versioning usually means having legacy support between application versions. In the newer version on the right, Endpoint for /activity/list from V2/Bot execution was just removed and bumped to V3.

Does anyone know how to cope with these inefficiencies? Is there an​​​​​​​y official announcement or documentation where AA indicates these new changes?

I would like to be up to date on these changes so we can prevent issues in our customers and work proactively. ​​​​​​​

Thanks for your attention

Best regards,

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Hi @asoguerof ,


Haven’t had any issues so far related to the CR APIs. But still, you can highlight this and raise it as an Enhancement request with AA Support team. They will clear the same in their future updates in case it is any sort of bugs.