Sugestion for new group/role: RPA Infrastructure

  • 27 July 2023
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Hi Pathfinder-Team,

I miss the role RPA infrastructure and the corresponding group.

In our RPA CoE we have three tasks: RPA lead, centralized development and infrastructure. For Automation Leaders and Developers the corresponding groups already exist. But not for RPA infrastructure.

Our infrastructure team is responsible for the whole technical setting: Installation, configuration and administration of our controlrooms, user/role management, deployments from dev to prod, installation of bot agent on the botrunners, support of our citizen developers, support for production problems, set up schedules.

An exchange of ideas and best practices would really help us to improve.

Regards, Stefanie


Best answer by Sajith Sudhakaran 11 August 2023, 09:12

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Hello @Stefanie Create a custom role and assign to the Infrastructure team members based on their roles and responsibilities.