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  • 26 December 2022
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 Hi All,. I have got an error message which suggests No Value Present when bot runs a subtask within the main bot. No Value present 

3 replies

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Hi @Tejas 2300 ,

Kindly verify if you dont facing  the case:

Verify if you dont have any issue with your mapped variables. Delete Run task action (the child bot)  and add it again with the correct mapped variables in the main task. Dont copy from other existing action.

Are you able to run only the child bot ?



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Hi @Tejas 2300 ,


Have you declared the required variables as Output in the Parent bot? Or missed the Variables mapping while calling the sub task from parent bot?

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Hi @Tejas 2300 

Can you update bot package to “2.0.1-20210210-232054” by following below steps and give a try?

i. Open the bot in the Private repository of the user.
ii. Click on the 3 dots icon beside the Close button -> Click on Packages.
iii. Locate the Task Bot command and click on it.
iv. Change the package version to the latest version, if not already.
v. Perform the steps i to iv for all the bots, Master bot as well as all the dependencies.