Store the Excel values in a single variable and use the variable in different child bots

  • 26 September 2022
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Hi All,


Can someone help me on this where I need to store the excel values into a single variable and use that variable in different bots(child bots)?



Expthe highlighted values need to store in a single variable( i have tried with Get multiple cells option but can t get the values into the variableGet multiple cells)


Can someone help me with this scenario?


let me know if there is any other option to achieve this scenario.


Thanks in advance🙂


5 replies

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@KOLI CHARAN​  - As per screenshot, you are getting those values into variable (DEAPPCPU), have you tried to get it from DEAPPCPU[0],DEAPPCPU[1],DEAPPCPU[2].


Hope this helps.

Hi @Pradeep Kintali​ 


The values are not coming to that variable(DEAPPCPU)

It is showing blank tried with msg box

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DEAPPCPU is the table data in your bot.

so ExcelSheetData should be changed to DEAPPCPU in my reply

then it will work perfectly 🙂

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You don't see them in message box because its not string, its table data. To see them in message box you should change them to string.

in the message box choose the table variable you created, put . dot to the end, then you will see you can change to string

if the table variable is : $ExcelSheetData$

string will be $ExcelSheetData.LegacyAutomation:tableToString$ you can show it in message box and see by yourself.

as i see you have 3 columns, 1 row in the table

so you can also see them by one by, like this:

$ExcelSheetData[0][0]$ will be H2

$ExcelSheetData[0][1]$ will be I2

$ExcelSheetData[0][2]$ will be J2


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then you can be able to use this table variable in any childbots, in the childbot you will need to use this variable as an input