So i have a infinite executing bot.

  • 5 October 2022
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So, this happened yesterday when my internet was having some problems.

I searched in the forums to see if others had the same issue and tried some solutions i found, however none of it is working.

I'm using the community edition and this URL for the control room :

I'm also using a PC from uni so i can't do much on it since i don't have admin privileges on it.


i appreciate any help i can get!

2 replies

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Hi @Marco Praesum​ ,


Are you unable to stop the bot?

Hi ChanduMohammad,

Yes, i can not force this bot to stop.

From what i understand i could only do so if i was the system administrator. Which i believe Community Edition users are not.

And i there is not an option to stop it in the activity section.